No doubt, skateboarding is a fascinating sport but it also comes with a lot of injuries. Although injury can occur at any part of the body, the most commonly injured areas are feet, ankles, and knees.

No matter how careful you are, ankles and knees always get hurt. But now different sorts of insoles have been introduced which are designed especially for skateboarders.

Designing of insoles

Pain caused by skateboarding was a very common problem so a lot of research was being done. Many experiments were done in the fields of biomedicine and biomechanics. Now many different companies are making insoles which are easily available.

Remind insoles

Many pro skateboarders recommend the remind insoles. The list includes Boo Johnson, Chico Brenes, and Keelan Dadd. Remind has presented 3 different sorts of insoles:

Destin insoles

Much greater protection of impact is provided by Destin insoles.

Cush insoles

A very higher technology of self-molding is featured inside Cush insoles.

Medic insoles

The protection of heel to toe cannot be provided well than by medic insoles.

Etcetera insoles

Primo pad was first ever launched by Etcetera insoles. The function of the primo pad is to act as a cover between the skateboard and the arch of the foot. So, any object that could hurt your sole is hampered from coming in contact with your arch.

Many sorts of High-pro and Low-pro insoles have also been introduced by Etcetera soles.

Nike’s ankles wear and skateboard shoes

Nike has also introduced latest designs of Nike ankle braces wear that are just perfect for protection against ankle injuries. Nike also has many shoes and sneakers that are both comfortable and perfect for skateboarding.

Lakai-skateboarding shoes

Lakai is also very famous for making comfortable and protective skateboarding shoes. A synthetic sort of sole is present in these shoes that are wrapped around completely.

Styles of skate shoes

In the market of skate shoes, two different sorts of designs are available that is Vulcanized and cup soles. Cupsoles provide the great defense against aerial impact. Vulcanized ones are very thin and lightweight.

Tricks are done very easily through these shoes like slides. So, you must select the footwear for skating according to your requirement.

Adidas Silas

Adidas shoes are known as one of the top brands in the field of skate shoes. The soft pad present in the shoes is perfect for providing stability. The best quality of these shoes is the protection of heels against injuries.

So, you can easily choose perfect skate shoes from the above brands if you want fascinating stunts without injuries.

Water sports that every skateboarder should try

Tony Hawk, Matt Town, Eric Koston, Lance mountain are some of the famous skateboarders who can easily gather a large number of viewers in no time. Mesmerized by their aerial stunts, the skateboards won’t lose the attention of the viewers.

Since they all fall under board sports, that’s why there is a variety of terrain to choose from e.g., surf, wake, skate, snow etc. However, some of the most spectacular types of water sports that the spectators enjoy are given.


It is the act of riding a wave towards the shore regardless of the stance that the surfer is on board or not. Although this means that the surfer should stand while surfing, it’s a lot of fun. For simple skateboards, it is a suggestion to go surfing once in a blue moon.

Kite Surfing

Kite surfing is a combination of multiple water sports including gymnastics that takes an extreme sport. Standing on a surfboard, controlled by a power kite and propelled across the water is very captivating.

In the past years, it has been estimated that there are around more than 1 million kite surfers worldwide. Since the trend is growing, so why shouldn’t the rest of the skateboarder give it a try too.

Stand-up Paddle Boat (SUP)

Stand-up paddle boat (SUP) is a branch of surfing with the origin in Hawaii. The stand-up paddle boater doesn’t depend on mere waves to propel the across the water.

Instead, the surfer has his own propeller instrument in the form of a paddle waves or no waves, it’s no more a problem.

Body Boarding

Done enough of surfing in standing posture. Here’s a twist for you in surfing. Turn towards the option of body boarding, which lets you surf on your body towards the shore.

Not appreciated in past, the trend has changed since the acrobatic and gravity defying stunts were introduced. Since then, they have gained applause. Lastly, body boarding gives you the closest access to the ocean.

Your eyes are nearly touching the ocean. Hurry up before summers end.

So the surfers have a wide range of options to choose from. For ultimate fun, they can also choose to explore the Aqua nature with the top rated sea scooters available. Their speed will help you swim faster while you gaze around yourself and enjoy.