Why Tony Hawk fell in love with kayaking?

Tony Hawk is the owner of skateboard company Birdhouse. He’s not only a Hollywood actor but he’s also a professional skateboarder. He lives in the California, United States. Tony Hawk loves taking part in several adventurous activities and he is often seen performing several adventurous stunts in his movies. He’s a fan of several physical games and he loves performing several stunts.

It’s recently revealed that Tony Hawk is a fan of kayaking and it isn’t shocking news for those who are aware of the nature of Tony Hawk because most of his fans already know that he loves taking part in several adventurous activities and he’s a very good athlete. However, it’s shocking for those who are not familiar with Tony Hawk’s regular activities and that only thing that he’s only an actor like many other actors of the Hollywood.

Today, we’re going to take a look at this particular aspect of Tony’s life and we’d also discuss the reasons why he fell in love with kayaking.

Similarity between kayaking and skateboarding

It may appear strange but there is a great similarity between kayaking and skateboarding. If you consider taking a look at both the sports from the perspective of a skateboarder or kayaker, you’d realize that there is a common requirement of both the sports. You need to have the perfect stamina if you want to take part in any of the sport.

Another common thing about these sports is that you need to stay active and attentive all the time when you’re performing different stunts in these games. Both the sports are good for your body and they help you build up a strong and powerful body. Therefore, Tony Hawk became a fan of kayaking.


As we have mentioned before that Tony Hawk loves taking part in several adventurous activities so what can be more adventurous than Kayaking. You need to make every movement very careful and you need to protect yourself from several hurdles that may appear in your way. Tony Hawk is an expert skateboarder so he didn’t face many difficulties in performing different stunts.

One of the most remarkable things about Tony Hawk is that he always prefers using the best inflatable kayak because it helps him perform several stunts by providing him the complete protection. It also helps him make sure that the Kayak won’t get damaged if a strong rock appears in his way.


Tony Hawk gets inspiration from different movies and he always loves trying the games that he watches in a movie. So, he gave a try to this sport while he’s making a movie. He found it very attractive and he decided to take part in this sport properly. He kept practicing his skills in this sport and finally, he became a fan of this popular game.