Know The Best Survival Knife Brands For Your Survival Needs

The most important tool that you will need in any survival situation is the survival knife that is known to be useful in many situations. Survival knives are not just about cutting or chopping. You can use this knife for your small tasks or any important tasks when you are outdoors as it can also protect you from unknown circumstances. Hence the right selection of the survival knife is very important and for this, you will need to look for the best survival knife brands so that you will get the perfect tool for your survival needs. There are many factors that will help you decide the best knife for your tastes and preferences but the most important factors include costs, style, coating, blade length and size of the knife.

Benefits of having a survival knife

The most important benefit of having a survival knife is that it will help you in an unexpected survival situation so that you can survive in the outdoors. This tool is very important for slicing, cutting, hunting, making shelter and many other important tasks. The survival knife is tough enough for withstanding the heavy outdoor duties so that it will not break. Hence you will need to select the best survival knife brands in the market so that you will have a dependable and versatile knife. These knives are very helpful in a wide range of emergencies that are used for undertaking specialized jobs when you are amidst nature.

Best survival knife brands


Spyderco Bushcraft G-10- this is one of the most popular knife brands that is designed for survivalist and it is inspired by Bushmen for helping you survive in the wilderness. It comes with a 4-inch blade knife with a Scandinavian style that helps in slicing, chopping, skinning, and whittling. It helps in performing your wilderness duties so that you can perform a large number of tasks in the outdoors.

Cold Steel Recon 1- this is a survival knife with a sharp blade that is 4-inch thick blade and its grip has laminated scales that prevents it from slipping from the sweaty palms. You can also wear the knife on the hip as it has convenient thumb disc for opening the knife easily. Moreover, the blade of this knife is of the highest quality steel that offers form-fitting grip.

Tool Logic- SLPro Folding Knife- it is a survival knife that has a multitude of functions as it serves many purposes for your outdoor uses. You should try this knife with a 3-inch blade and a high-quality stainless blade that helps in many different purposes so that you will not face any kind of untoward situations.

Buck 119 special- it is a proven, classic and popular survival knife that has been making it the best brand of survival knife for the past 75 years. The knife weighs about 7.5 ounces and 6 inches long that comes with clip blade that helps in doing intricate knife work and poking holes as it is known for its durability and functionality. This knife is the best option for you for meeting your survival needs as you will enjoy getting protection from the use of this knife.