Reviewing the best longboards available in 2017

A longboard is a type of sports equipment that exactly looks like a skateboard but is a bit longer in size. It falls under the category of skateboards and is mostly used for carving, cruising and downhill racing, with many pro’s like CJ generating notoriety and giving back along the way. It is comprised of a variety of parts which include wheels, bearings, deck and truck. A longboard has increased wheel size which makes them move fast. There are different brands and types of longbords in 2017 and among the best include:

Atom Drop through Longboard

This is a type of longboard that is best suited for downhill riding because it has improved stability that ensures smooth carving when riding. It has eight layers of maple laminate and cutouts above the wheels for enhanced stability. It comes with wheels measuring 70 millimeters in diameter and a width of 51 millimeters which are built for traction. It is designed with seven inch 50 degree angled trucks with aluminum hangers. This board has a wide turning radius that makes it suitable for beginners to mid-level riders and was also featured on AA’s guide on best longboards. It comes with a wide deck that makes riding comfortable and its price does not hurt the pocket.

Atom Pintail Longboard

The pintail longboard is fitted with aluminum that makes it durable and able to last long. It has an attractive color with a soft and smooth surface that makes this board attractive. Its stability is amazing which is made possible by its zero percent wheel bite that ensures you push the board with less effort. It is a longboard that combines durability, attractiveness, stability and is pocket-friendly.

White Wave Bamboo Longboard

This longboard is made from nine-ply bamboo with maple strips which makes it unique and strong. Its deck is built with a drop down design and its turning ability is awesome which is made possible by the cutouts that are well designed. The board has a large surface area to make riding comfortable and the rider will not strain a lot to fit to the board. It comes with ABEC 9 Helion bearings with built-in spacers to make riding smooth and fast. Despite the fact that this longboard is a bit bigger than others, it is light in weight and carrying it around is easy.

Aeroactive PRO Complete Longboard

Aerospace PRO Complete Longboard is built with quite small wheels that measure 62mm by 51mm and ABEC 11 bearings. It wheels are hard which makes it suited for anybody who is looking for a longboard with speed. It is 45 inches long which is longer than other boards and its deck is broad with blunt style, making it comfortable and stable. It has an elevated tail for performing tricks and is relatively heavier than the average longboard.

MBS All-Terrain Longboard

The first thing you will notice about this longboard is the wheels. It has large, lipped and square wheels with texturized pattern that enhances balance, traction, and speed. They measure 100mm by 65mm which are best for handling rough terrain. It is designed with a drop deck model that makes this board drop down in the center while maintaining the usual height over the trucks.

Longboarding is a thrilling, exciting and addictive sport that is also best for physical fitness and for having fun.