Wooden Board Day

The weekend began with a get-together at the Surf World Museum in Currumbin over a couple of beers and a simple BBQ, as people got to know each other and see the amazing collection of boards and history on display.

Spanish shaper Sergi Galano and Torsten Kofler from Brisbane were our guest speakers at the surf museum. Sergi gave an interesting talk on his method of building wooden boards, while Torsten shared his experiences and knowledge learnt along his journey. There was a great turnout.

This was followed by the day in the park across the road from The Alley, where everyone laid out boards they’d built and shared what they created. Lots of questions were asked, and it was a great place to learn from people who have tried many things in wooden surfboard construction (with both good and bad results).

There is always so much to learn. We are all in a very experimental phase with what we can do and how to can go about it with wood.

For Surf World Museum Collection and Wooden Boards Design. Click here.