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Donald Martin

After being a senior executive member in the one of the top skateboarding company and also after having been as a vice president in Plan B he surely has a really good experience on knowing about the quality and make and various other things that make up for a great skating board. He has given some of the most valuable advice on skateboard specs which brought great feedback from our reader there is no better person for the post of Editor in chief of the magazine than him.

Gaby Williams

She is also a pro skateboarder who has won many competitions and has won the national skateboarding championship she is one of the best, and she is the head of the content creators team, and she is also the Sub-editor and advisor of the magazine she is truly an asset to the publication. 

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Soccer Betting 101: Good Time or Too Risky?

Soccer and betting are the two industries that are highly connected with each other. In fact, there are many betting companies that offer sponsorships to different teams and even leagues in a tournament. Soccer betting isn’t difficult at all but you need to learn the basics before you jump into this industry. You can easily start making money once you get enough information about how to bet on soccer matches. But you should keep in mind that research is the most important factor that will help succeed in this industry.

Today, we are going to provide you some important tips about soccer betting that we have gathered from some reliable platforms like sure 2 odd. The tips we are going to share are only the basics so, if you want to learn some advanced tips, you must start visiting these platforms regularly. We guarantee you that you would find a lot of informational stuff about soccer betting on these sites.

The first thing that we always recommend before betting your money on soccer is that you should be a crazy fan of soccer because it is going to help you a lot in betting your money. If you are not a crazy fan and don’t have enough information about this sport and the players, we recommend that you must stay miles away from this industry because there are more than 90% chances that you will lose your entire money.

The reason why we recommend being a fan of these sports is that the fans have enough information about the performance of different players, teams, and even leagues. Thus, it will be easier enough for you to make the quick decisions. Otherwise, you’d have to conduct a lot of research before the match and most of the times, your analysis may go wrong.

Well, it doesn’t mean that we are trying to keep you away from this industry but we want to help you protect your money. If you are curious about making money from the soccer industry, then you should either increase your information about different teams and players or take help from an expert that may help you make a wise decision. There are many soccer experts that do not enough money to bet on different matches.

Therefore, they keep looking for some financially strong people that may help them in investing some money. So, at the end of the day, you’d both share the money that you have earned after betting. However, you should be very careful when choosing a person for betting because there are many that would try to scam you. So, the industry is full of scams and risks, therefore, it is important that you think wisely before taking a step. Here are some other soccer betting tips that may help you in protecting your money.

Why Tony Hawk fell in love with kayaking?

Tony Hawk is the owner of skateboard company Birdhouse. He’s not only a Hollywood actor but he’s also a professional skateboarder. He lives in the California, United States. Tony Hawk loves taking part in several adventurous activities and he is often seen performing several adventurous stunts in his movies. He’s a fan of several physical games and he loves performing several stunts.

It’s recently revealed that Tony Hawk is a fan of kayaking and it isn’t shocking news for those who are aware of the nature of Tony Hawk because most of his fans already know that he loves taking part in several adventurous activities and he’s a very good athlete. However, it’s shocking for those who are not familiar with Tony Hawk’s regular activities and that only thing that he’s only an actor like many other actors of the Hollywood.

Today, we’re going to take a look at this particular aspect of Tony’s life and we’d also discuss the reasons why he fell in love with kayaking.

Similarity between kayaking and skateboarding

It may appear strange but there is a great similarity between kayaking and skateboarding. If you consider taking a look at both the sports from the perspective of a skateboarder or kayaker, you’d realize that there is a common requirement of both the sports. You need to have the perfect stamina if you want to take part in any of the sport.

Another common thing about these sports is that you need to stay active and attentive all the time when you’re performing different stunts in these games. Both the sports are good for your body and they help you build up a strong and powerful body. Therefore, Tony Hawk became a fan of kayaking.


As we have mentioned before that Tony Hawk loves taking part in several adventurous activities so what can be more adventurous than Kayaking. You need to make every movement very careful and you need to protect yourself from several hurdles that may appear in your way. Tony Hawk is an expert skateboarder so he didn’t face many difficulties in performing different stunts.

One of the most remarkable things about Tony Hawk is that he always prefers using the best inflatable kayak because it helps him perform several stunts by providing him the complete protection. It also helps him make sure that the Kayak won’t get damaged if a strong rock appears in his way.


Tony Hawk gets inspiration from different movies and he always loves trying the games that he watches in a movie. So, he gave a try to this sport while he’s making a movie. He found it very attractive and he decided to take part in this sport properly. He kept practicing his skills in this sport and finally, he became a fan of this popular game.

The best online games for skateboarders

The skateboard is known as one of the skillful sports and you have to be smart enough to play with the board. Passionate skateboarders are always in search of some online games that can help them improve their skills.

Here is a complete guide for you if you’re trying to find the best online skateboard games that can help you learn some new tricks. Now you can play these games and show your passion for this energetic sport.


This game is such an addiction for the people who are passionate about skateboarding and who like to attempt this sport in real life as well. The best part of this game is that you need to compete with other players in order to gain some points.

In the beginning, it appears to be a simple and easy game but it starts getting more and more challenging for you as you reach the higher levels. In order to achieve a higher rank, you need to beat the other players and it’s very difficult to win the competition as a single mistake can make you lose the game.


This game is an ideal for the people who like to play trick games. In this game, you can see that your character has to go in the park here and there and you can gain some points by showing skateboard tricks in the park.

The more tricks you are going to show in the game, the more you will reach to the advanced level. Kick flip graphics are absolutely amazing and you are going to love it. This game also gets a little bit complicated as you achieve the higher levels.


The good news about this game is that you can play this game for free but you have to register yourself for the site when you are about to begin the second part of the game. You can earn more points by showing tricks in the game.


In this game, you’ll collect the points and coins by jumping on the rails and the floors to increase your score.  It’s probably one of our favorite parts about playing the game is how awesome the graphics are and how real it feels.  Would advise anyone try it.

You can continue the game whenever you want. The game is quite interesting but maybe you will find the music of the game annoying but once you start playing it, you’ll never stop playing it.


The graphics of the street sesh are realistic which is kind of a bonus for the people who are looking for fun skateboard game with the great graphics. This game is hard because you have to manage yourself on the skateboard and save yourself from spooling blood all over the floor.

You need to jump from the rails and bumps and save the board from cars and buses on the road while showing tricks.

Great core workouts for skateboarders


If you are a skateboarder either for enjoyment or on a serious level, then you need a strong core. For achieving this, you can try the lazy man’s route such as workout waist belts for stronger abs, or put in some sweat and tears. Then again many exercises strengthen the muscles necessary to enhance your performance and advance in the sport of skateboarding. Mainly the lower body is used while skateboarding to manipulate the board while you ride and do tricks. On the other hand, balancing requires the core muscles. You should do some core enhancing and strength training exercises at least twice a week to keep your muscles in good shape for skateboarding.

Seated leg press

The leg press is meant for the quads, which are put to hard work while balancing and doing tricks that require jumping and then landing. Adjust the seat so that your knees are bent at 90 degrees, and your feet are flat on the floor. Grab the handles on the sides and relax your back neck and head against the backrest. Look forward to forming the correct position for starting. Extend your legs in such a way that your knees don’t get locked and return to the starting position to complete one repetition.

Barbell calf raises

These exercises work on your calf muscles, which are necessary for balancing the skateboard. Stand under the barbell with one foot behind and one foot in front which is known as a split stance. Catch hold of the bar with palms facing forward and somewhat wider than the width of your shoulders. Place the bar on the shoulders and across them, take the barbell off the rack and take one step backward to the starting position. Raise the heels off the ground when you count to three and lean forward a bit to maintain balance. Lower the heels for a count of three to the starting position to complete one repetition.

Core muscles and balance

The core muscles can be strengthened, and you can develop your balance with the yoga half moon posture. Start with a standing position and bend over from the hips towards the floor. Bend your knees if necessary and place your left hand on the floor, and right hand on the hip. Lift the right leg behind you and gain your balance. Then rotate your torso and hip facing the right wall. Hold this position for 10-15 seconds and reverse the movements to get back into a standing position. This exercise will make your core muscles strong which are essential while balancing on a skateboard and while doing tricks.

Stability ball hamstring curl

This exercise strengthens your hamstring and glutes muscles. With the help of these muscles, you can stand on the skateboard in a crouching position for long periods of time. If you work with the stability ball, it will develop balance. Lie on the floor with feet lower calves and ankles on the stability ball. Extend your arms to the side at the height of shoulders and place your palms flat on the floor. Lift your back off the floor by contracting your abs and form a straight line with your body from the shoulders to the toes. Then bend the knees and roll the ball towards your feet so that the soles of the feet rest on top of the ball. Slowly return to the starting position.

Which Foot Supporters Work Best For Skateboarders?


No doubt, skateboarding is a fascinating sport but it also comes with a lot of injuries. Although injury can occur at any part of the body, the most commonly injured areas are feet, ankles, and knees.

No matter how careful you are, ankles and knees always get hurt. But now different sorts of insoles have been introduced which are designed especially for skateboarders.

Designing of insoles

Pain caused by skateboarding was a very common problem so a lot of research was being done. Many experiments were done in the fields of biomedicine and biomechanics. Now many different companies are making insoles which are easily available.

Remind insoles

Many pro skateboarders recommend the remind insoles. The list includes Boo Johnson, Chico Brenes, and Keelan Dadd. Remind has presented 3 different sorts of insoles:

Destin insoles

Much greater protection of impact is provided by Destin insoles.

Cush insoles

A very higher technology of self-molding is featured inside Cush insoles.

Medic insoles

The protection of heel to toe cannot be provided well than by medic insoles.

Etcetera insoles

Primo pad was first ever launched by Etcetera insoles. The function of the primo pad is to act as a cover between the skateboard and the arch of the foot. So, any object that could hurt your sole is hampered from coming in contact with your arch.

Many sorts of High-pro and Low-pro insoles have also been introduced by Etcetera soles.

Nike’s ankles wear and skateboard shoes

Nike has also introduced latest designs of Nike ankle braces wear that are just perfect for protection against ankle injuries. Nike also has many shoes and sneakers that are both comfortable and perfect for skateboarding.

Lakai-skateboarding shoes

Lakai is also very famous for making comfortable and protective skateboarding shoes. A synthetic sort of sole is present in these shoes that are wrapped around completely.

Styles of skate shoes

In the market of skate shoes, two different sorts of designs are available that is Vulcanized and cup soles. Cupsoles provide the great defense against aerial impact. Vulcanized ones are very thin and lightweight.

Tricks are done very easily through these shoes like slides. So, you must select the footwear for skating according to your requirement.

Adidas Silas

Adidas shoes are known as one of the top brands in the field of skate shoes. The soft pad present in the shoes is perfect for providing stability. The best quality of these shoes is the protection of heels against injuries.

So, you can easily choose perfect skate shoes from the above brands if you want fascinating stunts without injuries.

Water sports that every skateboarder should try


Tony Hawk, Matt Town, Eric Koston, Lance mountain are some of the famous skateboarders who can easily gather a large number of viewers in no time. Mesmerized by their aerial stunts, the skateboards won’t lose the attention of the viewers.

Since they all fall under board sports, that’s why there is a variety of terrain to choose from e.g., surf, wake, skate, snow etc. However, some of the most spectacular types of water sports that the spectators enjoy are given.


It is the act of riding a wave towards the shore regardless of the stance that the surfer is on board or not. Although this means that the surfer should stand while surfing, it’s a lot of fun. For simple skateboards, it is a suggestion to go surfing once in a blue moon.

Kite Surfing

Kite surfing is a combination of multiple water sports including gymnastics that takes an extreme sport. Standing on a surfboard, controlled by a power kite and propelled across the water is very captivating.

In the past years, it has been estimated that there are around more than 1 million kite surfers worldwide. Since the trend is growing, so why shouldn’t the rest of the skateboarder give it a try too.

Stand-up Paddle Boat (SUP)

Stand-up paddle boat (SUP) is a branch of surfing with the origin in Hawaii. The stand-up paddle boater doesn’t depend on mere waves to propel the across the water.

Instead, the surfer has his own propeller instrument in the form of a paddle waves or no waves, it’s no more a problem.

Body Boarding

Done enough of surfing in standing posture. Here’s a twist for you in surfing. Turn towards the option of body boarding, which lets you surf on your body towards the shore.

Not appreciated in past, the trend has changed since the acrobatic and gravity defying stunts were introduced. Since then, they have gained applause. Lastly, body boarding gives you the closest access to the ocean.

Your eyes are nearly touching the ocean. Hurry up before summers end.

So the surfers have a wide range of options to choose from. For ultimate fun, they can also choose to explore the Aqua nature with the top rated sea scooters available. Their speed will help you swim faster while you gaze around yourself and enjoy.

Wooden Board Day

The weekend began with a get-together at the Surf World Museum in Currumbin over a couple of beers and a simple BBQ, as people got to know each other and see the amazing collection of boards and history on display.

Spanish shaper Sergi Galano and Torsten Kofler from Brisbane were our guest speakers at the surf museum. Sergi gave an interesting talk on his method of building wooden boards, while Torsten shared his experiences and knowledge learnt along his journey. There was a great turnout.

This was followed by the day in the park across the road from The Alley, where everyone laid out boards they’d built and shared what they created. Lots of questions were asked, and it was a great place to learn from people who have tried many things in wooden surfboard construction (with both good and bad results).

There is always so much to learn. We are all in a very experimental phase with what we can do and how to can go about it with wood.

For Surf World Museum Collection and Wooden Boards Design. Click here.

Don’t Miss These Vacay Activities on Hawaii!

Vacay activities on Hawaii

Got time to visit islands? Then go to the Hawaii straight where you will be able to enjoy all the activities in vacations. Jet skiing and parasailing are just not the only activities you can do in the Hawaii.

You will be attracted towards the place due to the impressive sights. If you are planning to go to the Hawaii with your friends and family then you should not miss few things you can do in the vacations to create memories.

Make this vacation full of joy for yourself. Here is the list you should add in your wish list to try in this vacation.


Jet ski Oahu is the first thing you should do when you are going for the vacations. Even your friends and family members are going to enjoy a lot when you will show them this activity.


The jet ski is perfect for your family vacation and if someone in your family wants to go to the adventure then take them along with you and go for the jet ski. Be an adventurous person and don’t forget to capture pictures to keep these memories with you.


Pearl Harbor is one of the greatest activity you should do with your friends and family when you are in the vacations.

This will show you the cultural value of the place and you will gain knowledge about the place as well. Pearl Harbor tour will play like an educational trip to your kids and you will be glad to take your family on such trip where they can have amazing location and tour as well.


Hiking is one of the physical activity which makes you strong. If you and your family want to experience something different in this tour then take them to the hiking tour.

Vacay activities on Hawaii

Take the necessary things with you so you don’t have to face any difficulty while you are hiking. Hiking will help your family in discovering new things about the place and you will enjoy the trip overall.


Biking is the greatest sport to go with. When you are going to the vacations with your friends then biking is the best way to get the tour around. Biking will help you in strengthening your body and you can also enjoy the gathering of people around.

Vacay activities on Hawaii

During the biking, you can feel the nature attraction and how much you needed this vacation with your family. Add biking to your wish list when you are planning to go for the vacation.


Of course, food is the only thing you should not think about before trying. On vacations when you are going to some restaurant then don’t forget to try the specialty of that place.

Exploration of the food will make you love that place and in this way, you will be able to guess which restaurant is great according to your taste and where you should often come. Food is the first love of anyone.

Everything You Need To Know About Recumbent Bikes

For the ones who are not into biking, recumbent bikes might look like something funny or more like a piece of furniture that comes straight from the garden. With their varied varieties and the fact that every individual is used to seeing those conventional bicycles, recumbent bikes are sure shot objects that have heads turning especially when they are driven on the streets. As per experts, a recumbent bike is a bike that places its rider in a completely different position from that of a standard bicycle. It places its rider in a laid back reclining posture distributing the weight of the rider on his or her buttocks and back. Interested riders should always consider buying the top recumbent bikes for 2017 considering the fact that it offers great benefit because of its ergonomic feature.
Why go for a Recumbent Bike?
A recumbent bike is smaller in comparison to a conventional bicycle but it possesses all the basic features like the wheel size, the wheel base, the seats and the steering. However, if you are a workout enthusiast then you might certainly be looking for the reason why this bike is special. Recumbent bikes are a better alternative for individuals who like to indulge in cardiovascular exercises. Using these bikes helps people in strengthening their lungs and the heart. Cycling on recumbent bikes also gives the body more power to use oxygen in the best way possible. Using these bikes does not put any stress on the knee and the hip region and therefore it is one of the best bikes for people suffering from arthritis. Such bikes work by extending the knee joint angle so that the hip and the knee are not flexing with each other. Cycling on recumbent bikes helps in boosting the strength of an individual and also gives him or her the ability of managing weight in a better way. This type of cycling basically strengthens the lower extremities. The presence of the back rest on these bikes offers great riding comfort to the rider.
Factors to Keep in Mind When Choosing Recumbent Bikes
If you are a fitness freak and you have made up your mind to buy a recumbent bike for yourself, there are some important reasons that you need to consider. First of all, it is important for you to know that there are more than 200 models of these bikes available throughout the market. Hence, you need to be very careful with your choice. One important factor that you need to consider when choosing a recumbent bike is your height. Keep in mind that such bikes are best for tall individuals who can ride almost all the models of these bikes available in the market. If you are too short then make it a point to go for a model that comes with a low seat height. A bike with a lower bottom bracket and a long wheel base is the perfect choice for people with circulatory issues and the ones who are overweight.
Price is also one of the most important factors that you need to consider when making the choice of the a recumbent bike.

Top Reasons Why Fly Fishing is Really Fun

Fly fishing is pretty polarizing. There are many people who simply enjoy fly fishing while there are others who do not enjoy it. they find it smelly, boring and brainless. These are generally the people who have never tried fly fishing at all. For the ones who are interested in knowing why fly fishing can be real fun, it is important to know that fly fishing is a completely different ball game. Fly fishing takes in careful knowledge; it is active and is far from the sure bet that you will actually be successful in catching something. However, if you do achieve success in fly fishing it will only be possible with the use of fly fish and reel combos to save money. This hobby is addictive, tough and most importantly it takes you to some of the most incredible locations. It would be motivating for you to go outside, have fun and be active at the same time. The reasons why fly fishing can be real fun are as follows: Fly Fish and Reel Combos to Save Money

You Need Brains for It

Fly fishing is in no ways similar to using a spinner rod for fishing. You need to put in a lot of thought into it and at the same time you also need detailed knowledge of the bug hatches, the river and the trout feeding patterns. This will help you in gaining the ability of selecting a fly accurately that will further help in attracting a fish. It is necessary for you to contemplate on the choices that you make right from the fly that you intend to use to the time of the day when you will be using it. the fact that you need brains for fly fishing makes this activity fun and challenging at the same time.

It is the Best Workout

It is quite possible to indulge in fly fishing on a drift boat but it would be more fun to engage in this activity by wading your way through a river or creek, casting as you go. Passing through the waist deep water, over the rocky and slippery river bed and against the strong currents is probably the best workout that you can actually get. In addition to this, swinging the fishing rod back and forth works for the casting arm. It is indeed one of the best exercises for your whole body.

Amazing Views

The fact that fly fishing takes you to some of the most incredible and spectacular places makes it fun and wonderful. As you follow the river front, you get to see different parts or areas of the wild and the areas that you might not have seen if you were walking through the waters. Fly fishing offers a whole new and eclectic view of Mother nature from a certain perspective that you would not have got otherwise. Watching the mountains rising above you right from the middle of the river and seeing the eagle soaring above your head is a magical experience that you can only have by indulging in fly fishing.

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